The future of our nation is dependent upon the future of our youth.



To produce a transformational, multi-year public education strategy developed by Bermudians, for Bermudians

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela


  • #1 Authentic Community Engagement: This strategic planning effort will be based on truly hearing the voices and aspirations of the community through small-group, community-held conversations on the future of education in Bermuda


  • #2 Ambassador Design Team:  A diverse group of approximately 30 stakeholders including students, teachers, school administrators, parents, business, community, and government representatives who will write Bermuda's next strategic plan for education. These individuals will represent the voices of education in country and will embody the values of curiosity, empathy, and optimism to produce a strategic plan that is truly representative of Bermuda.
  • #3 Use of Design Thinking: The Ambassador Design Team will (1) listen to the voices of stakeholders, (2) develop prototype draft sections of the strategic plan, (3) share these prototypes back to stakeholders, and (4) collect their feedback to improve upon the plan.


  • #4 Research-Based Best Practices: The Ambassador Design Team will use cutting-edge, international best practices to advance the work of Bermuda's public schools. The team will review data sources to identify what is working, what needs to be improvement, and how to best implement those improvements.